CAS-ULAB and IAOB jointly organizes a Seminar on Islamic Art and Archaeology

CAS-ULAB and IAOB jointly organizes a Seminar on Islamic Art and Archaeology

Publish Date: 
Thursday, March 14, 2024
Center for Archaeological Studies (CAS)

The Center for Archaeological Studies (CAS), University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh (ULAB) and the Islamic Arts Organization Bangladesh (IAOB) jointly organized a seminar on “Islamic Art and Archaeology” on Thursday, March 14, 2024.

The program started with recitation from the Holy Quran. The welcome address was delivered by the General Secretary of IAOB, Dr. Khoudkar Alamgir, then he introduced the Keynote speaker. Professor Shahnaj Husne Jahan, Director, CAS and head of the General Education Department, ULAB delivered the keynote speech on Islamic Art and Archaeology.

In her speech Professor Shahnaj talks about the Islamic arts and architectural remains that are present in Bangladesh and contextualizes these material cultures from an archaeological perspective. After her speech a spontaneous Q & A session was open. At the end, the presidential address and concluding remarks were delivered by Professor Najma Khan Majlis, President, Islamic Arts Organization Bangladesh (IAOB). 

Prof. Dr. Md. Osman Ghani, Asian University Bangladesh (AUB); Md. Abdul Baten, Department of Archaeology, Ministry of Cultural Affairs, Govt. of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh; Babu Ahmed, Director and Photographer. Traditional Photo Gallery (TPG), Professor Anisuzzaman, Dept. of Philosophy, University of Dhaka were present in the occasion with other distinguished scholars, archeologists, researchers. ULAB faculties and students actively participated in the ceremony.