Educating Archaeology

The Centre for Archaeological Studies and the General Education Department of ULAB offers exciting courses to its students. They are as follows:


Introduction to Archaeology (GED 225)

This course introduces students to the way archaeologists use material culture to reconstruct past human behavior. This course provides an introduction to theory and methods in archaeological research, data collection, and analysis. The objective is to familiarize you with the strategies that are employed in the investigation of archaeological remains and also gives a clear understanding on the importance of archaeology today and tomorrow.

Cultural Heritage of Bangladesh (GED 204)

Experiencing the Past (GED 324)

Introduction to Museology (GED 226)

History of World Art and Architecture (GED 302)

South Asian Art and Architecture (GED 418)

Urbanization and Ancient Cities (GED 356)

Who Owns the Past? (GED 466)

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